Human imagination and curiosity  are the drive to discover the new, the unknown and pushed us to unlock many doors. We can say that every human discovery has started with a single thought, a dream of a single man and then a collective mind has amplified it and eventually the dream has manifested itself. Very much like so people dreamed of flying conquering the sky and look at our air transportations today. We have not only learnt to fly but reached to the point where we can even travel beyond earth and built international space stations.

Photo Credits: International Space Station 


One of the main topics of discussion during the recent years is the space travel, and with the recent developments it is reasonable to assume that soon humans will be able to boldly travel to the unknown or “conquer” space. 

I use the word conquer by choice, because it is true that we look for the planets to “colonize” in the future. Humans seem to be obsessed by the idea that there may be another earth or earth like planet where we can set up our new colonies.




The key word to me is the word colonize because it always seems so curious to me that we think about colonization without first considering the idea that maybe there are other organisms or even aliens living on those planets, and there is a real possibility that nobody wants us there.


Let’s for a moment refer to science fiction movies and books about alien civilizations and all the extraterrestrial activity. We can state that in a vast majority of cases we somehow imagining that we are going to be in conflict with the alien life forms at some point of time. Why? Because from our perspective if they visit us it may be that they came to conquer our planet. There are numerous conspiracy theories and alleged “proofs” that aliens are here even right now to observe us, they work as spies and have infiltrated our society to understand how we function.


Spies, conspiracies, conquering … isn’t this what humanity has been about, isn’t this how we think ?


Taking into account that these alleged aliens will be from the galaxies unknown to us and might have completely different type of evolution, are we really ready to assume that their mental and intellectual development is the same as ours?


Conquering, taking, spying isn’t it all that humanity has done and is doing to this day ? Have a look at earth now, even today we have unsolved conflicts over the territories, ethnic tensions and hate speech, deep segregation between the societies.


Aren’t all that we fear aliens will be is not just the reflections of us? Aren’t we afraid that they will want to conquer us because this is what we would do? As I said what we discuss is whether we can colonize the planet … isn’t it curious that we think of colonizing other planets while we have territorial disputes in our own planet. Isn’t it curious that humans only think in terms of conquering?


Now some may argue that this is not what all of us reflect, that this a biased opinion. Maybe, maybe you are right, and I am biased, but even on the moon countries want to plant the flag of their own country … you can’t say that there is no biased thought behind that.


It makes me wonder whether all this conquering and colonizing euphoria is not very “Human” and we are the « aliens » of the universe who want to spread?


If you consider the fact that we made the Mars a planet exclusively inhabited by the machines it really a good indicative on how humans tend to materialize their thoughts.

Photo Credits: NASA Mars Exploration Image Gallery



I find this ironic that we and Si-Fi stories about the planets that are entirely inhabited by robots or artificial life, and yet here we are having created ourselves that planet. If you think about it Mars as of today is indeed a planet inhabited by robots. 


Consider there is an alien race who is so different from us that the thought of conquering or colonization is incomprehensible for them, how we would interact with them. Aren’t we a danger to those alien forms?


In this segment of the blog we are going to reflect and develop the ideas evolving around the Space as far as possible.  


 So tune in and leave us a comment on what you think!


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